Wisconsin Public Radio broadcast interviews.  I’ve been pleased to be a regular guest on Wisconsin Public Radio over the years.   For a list of guest appearances, and links to the recorded broadcasts, click here.

“Aldo Leopold and Land Ethics Revisited.” Nature Revisited, Episode 38.  13 April 2021.  Link

“The Power of Experience.”  Human Powered, Episode 2.  12 April 2021.  Link

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Podcast & Blast, Episode 99.  2 March 2021.  Link

“70 Years Later, ‘A Sand County Almanac’ Still Rings True.”  Talk of Iowa Book Club, Iowa Public Radio.  8 April 2020.  Link

“Aldo Leopold and Beyond.”  “History of the Hunt” series with Keith Crowley.  30 March 2020.  Link

“The Book Is Born, Twice.”  Wisconsin Public Radio, “Postcards From Sand County” Series.  22 April 2019.  Link

“Mornings At McFarlanes.”  Live broadcast with Rauel LaBreche from McFarlanes’ in Sauk City, WI.  21 February 2018.  Link

“The Wild Bunch: A Conversation with Curt Meine and Gavin Van Horn.”  Edge Effects podcast, University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Culture, History, and the Environment.  9 August 2017.  Link

“A Reader On The Driftless Region.”  A Public Affair, WORT FM (Madison, WI).  23 October 2017.  Link

“Aldo Leopold’s Legacy And His Relevance Today.”  Perpetual Notion Machine, WORT FM (Madison, WI).  20 April 2017.  Link

“The Ethics of Water.”  The West Side with Rich Kremer (La Crosse, WI).  22 October 2015.  Link

“Aldo Leopold and Sustainability Through a Historical Lens.”  Sense & Sustainability.  16 April 2012.  Link

“Ripples of a Water Ethic in Wisconsin.”   University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute, 4 February 2011.  Link

“Before Silent Spring:  Aldo Leopold.”  The Essay, BBC Radio 3, 14 October 2010.  Link